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Rules and Regulations

Yaar Sports League focuses on providing a safe environment for kids to learn and improve their basketball skills. This low stress environment gives kids an opportunity to develop their skills without any coaching. Our leagues main focus is on having FUN!!

Parents / Guardians / Spectators

  1. Cheer the athletes, but do not coach. Empower them to figure things out on their own and with the support of their teammates. 

  2. All teams/athletes will need to complete liability forms signed by a parent / guardian to participate. 

  3. If a team is short athletes, subs are allowed. The subs will be required to sign and complete a liability form. 

  4. Please treat all league officials, managers, referees and volunteers with respect.

  5. Parents, guardians and spectators should support the decision of the league officials, and referees. remembering that the main goal is to have fun

  6. All decisions of Yaar Sports League managers and directors are final. 

  7. Please help to keep the facilities clean by picking up garbage, abandoned water bottles, etc. as you leave the gym. 


Athletes / Players

  1. Sportsmanship is fundamental to this league. Any unsportsmanlike behaviour, like teasing, swearing,  or inappropriate physical behaviour will not be tolerated.   Unsportsmanlike behaviour may result in: 1) warning; 2) sitting out; or 3) ejection from the game; or 4) ejection from the league. 

  2. Athletes are expected to wear the team shirts provided.

  3. No hanging on the rim/net.

  4. Sportsmanlike behaviour is encouraged with a handshake or fist bump with the opponents after game play. 

  5. Please help to keep the facilities clean by picking up garbage, abandoned water bottles, etc. as you leave the gym. 

The Game

  1. 3 on 3 Basketball is a half-court game played by two teams with 3 players each. It is suggested that all teams include four names on their roster to allow for subs.

  2. Game time: Athletes will play one  20 minute run time game. Officials will remind players they can sub every 5 minutes, or when there is an injury. 

  3. No time outs. Short water break may be allowed due to heat or lack of subs. 

  4. The clock will only be stopped for injuries that require medical attention.

  5. If a team is not ready to play at game start time, they can start with 2 players.

  6. First possession will be determined by rock, paper, scissors. The official will  monitor it. For the remainder of the game, jump ball calls will go to the team that is defending.

  7. 3 seconds in the key will be a turnover. The official may remind players before calling it. 

  8. Deliberate stalling or attempts to freeze the ball shall result in loss of ball possession. A shot must be attempted within 30 seconds (official’s judgment). Officials may warn a team 10 seconds before making a stalling call.

  9. Teams must take the ball back past the “check line” after each change of possession. The check line will be past an imaginary line running across the top of the 3-point line, from sideline to sideline. The officials should explain which line will be used before each game. Officials may give a team one warning each game before enforcing this rule. 

    • To start game play, after a foul has been awarded, or after any stoppage of play, the ball must be checked by a defensive player, after which the ball is live and may be passed, shot, or dribbled.

    • Players must alternate who checks the ball with all team members. For example, they check the ball with player A, player B and then player C.  

    • After a score, defensive rebounds, or after steals, the ball must be returned past the check line and the player in possession of the ball may maintain control and attempt to score.

    • Both feet and the ball must go outside of the check line on a change of possession.

    • A ball that goes out of bounds can be inbounded from where it went out of bounds.

    • Following a made basket, the ball must be checked at the top of the check line by the team that was scored on. 

    • If a team (Team A) fails to cross the check line in any of the situations above, the official should attempt to verbally communicate to the players that the ball was not taken back past the check line. If team A takes a shot and gets the rebound, the officials should verbally communicate to that team that they still need to take the ball back past the check line. If a shot is taken and made by team A before the ball is checked, the officials should blow the whistle and stop play immediately. The basket will not be allowed and team A retains possession of the ball, behind the check line.

    • The half-court line, end line and side lines are out of bounds.

  10. Scoring

    • 2 points per basket inside the arc. 3 points per basket outside the check line​

    • Free throws: A player that was fouled will shoot one free throw. It is worth 1 point for an "And 1", 2 points (inside the 3 point line or a bonus free throw) and 3 points if outside the 3 point line. 

    • Bonus free throws (5 or more team fouls): One shot that is worth 2 points and will be taken by the fouled player after the opposition has 5 or more team fouls.

    • Unsporting like or technical fouls will result in an automatic 2 points plus possession. 

    • Players must shoot their free throw within 6 seconds, or else the ball will be turned over and checked. 

    • Ties: ties will be handled with 3 free throws on each team. Both teams will alternate free throws and 3 different players must take the shot. If it is still a tie, then both teams will alternate free throws, until one team makes it and the other team misses. 

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